At Pretty Lavish it is important to us to make sure everyone involved in our business and the production of our products are treated ethically and with kindness! We work closely with our suppliers and factories to ensure this.


All of our factories are audited and are committed to safe and ethical labour conditions. We also have an extensive and thorough supplier manual that our suppliers must sign and adhere to in order to ensure that we are manufacturing ethically.


All suppliers must follow the Pretty Lavish Code of Practice which is drawn from the core ILO conventions and aligned to the ETI Base Code.

Key Principles include:
1. No forced labour – employment is freely chosen
2. Freedom of association
3. A safe and healthy working environment
4. Ensuring no child labour
5. Ensuring adequate wages and benefits in accordance to law
6. Normal working hours with voluntary overtime
7. No discrimination is practiced – equal opportunities
8. Regular employment is provided
9. Employees treated with respect and dignity ensuring a workplace free of harassment
10. Effective management system

Open Apparel

To be more transparent we are publishing our factory list via the Open Apparel registry so consumers can see where their clothes are made and also to show consumers that our factories are audited and ethical.

Pretty Lavish X The Salvation Army

Giving back to the community is important to us at Pretty Lavish, that’s why we’ve partnered with The Salvation Army!

We’ve set up a “take back portal” in partnership with The Salvation Army. Through this we want to encourage charitable giving and reward you, our customers, with a Pretty Lavish discount code when you donate your unwanted clothing through the portal. This was a big goal for us in 2022 and we are so excited about this partnership!

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