Our goal is to produce high quality items that consumers can depend on for longevity and versatility. We want to ensure our products last for our consumers and for the benefit of the planet. We aim to expand our sustainable material list and the percentage of our items that are considered conscious. We also want to encourage consumers to take care of their items ensuring they get the most our of their Pretty Lavish pieces.

Any of our items that are conscious contain a minimum of 50% sustainable fibres. Ensuring 50% of the product is made from recycled or organic fibres. This is excluding trims and lining. To learn more about our trim goals see our roadmap below.



1. At least 32.5% of our products will be conscious (meaning they contain 50% sustainable fibres).
2. Ensure at least 25% of trims are made from sustainable sources.


1. At least 65% of our products will be conscious (meaning they contain 50% sustainable fibres).
2. Ensure 100% of trims are made from sustainable sources.

We are certified with Textile Exchange

In September 2023, Pretty Lavish was audited against four textile exchange standards. These include Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), Organic Cotton Standard (OCS) and The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We are so excited to have passed this certification.

As part of our sustainability commitment we wanted to ensure any conscious fabrics we use are fully traceable at all levels contributing to our goal of a transparent supply chain. On April 1st 2023 Textile Exchange launched Version 3.0 of the Content Claim Standard. This new standard update ensures product-related claims are only allowed if the entire supply chain including the brand are certified. As we use Recycled Polyester and Organic Cotton in our conscious products we chose the four relevant standards above, co-ordinating with our suppliers and factories to ensure they are certified against the same standards.

If you would like to learn more about each textile exchange standard click here.


Recycled polyester (rPET) helps to combat the issue of plastic ending up in landfills by creating materials from recycled plastic bottles. rPET uses less resources, and in turn produces less carbon emissions making it better for our planet than normal polyester.

It maintains the same quality as normal polyester but by requiring as much as 59% less energy for production and generating up to 79% less carbon emissions, it is much kinder to the environment.

However, we acknowledge its limitations and are motivated to find additional recycled materials we can use in our collections.

With how much plastic there is around the world, finding ways to utilize it is important, that’s why we are excited to find ways to reduce plastic when producing our collections.

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We also introduced recycled materials into our new jewellery range which launched in March 2022.

Our jewellery collection is made of recycled sterling silver and recycled silver gold plated. We wanted to introduce staple jewellery that you could wear everyday to elevate your outfits, but in a way that was kinder to the environment. The quality of recycled silver versus non recycled silver is just as high, ensuring the pieces remain high quality and durable. Another benefit is it requires less energy and produces less carbon emissions and pollution compared to
normal silver.

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We launched our first organic cotton collection in SS21 and now use it in collections across the year. Organic cotton is considered more sustainable than normal cotton for many reasons. It uses less water, preserving soil quality, which is an issue when producing normal cotton. It also restricts hazardous pesticides and uses no chemicals making it better for the environment and the farmers producing it.

Two of the key reasons why it is important to integrate organic cotton into the fashion industry is the fact that it releases up to 46% less carbon emissions and uses up to 62% less energy in production.

As well as the above sustainability reasons for the argument of organic cotton versus normal cotton, it is also considered to be of higher quality and increase the longevity of the product. At Pretty Lavish this is important to us as we want to ensure our products last for our customers, and can be kept in their wardrobes for many years to come.

However we are motivated to find additional materials we can use in our collections due to the uncertainty around the future of organic cotton

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How to care for your Pretty lavish pieces

Washing item less

You do not need to wash your items every time you wear them. Reducing the amount you wash an item will help to increase the longevity of your product.

Ensure Your laundry machine is full

Ensure your laundry machine is full. Washing your items less to wait for full loads will increase the longevity of your product and reduces the strain on the environment.

follow washing instructions

Always ensure you wash in line with the instructions on the care label – different fabrics have different requirements, pay attention to labels to ensure you are treating your clothes with the correct washing practices.

air dry products

It is better for the environment by reducing energy usage and also reduces the chance of any damage to your clothes.

How to videos

Getting snags out of satin fabric

Sewing up a seam


Removing manufacturer

Increasing circularity of Pretty Lavish pieces

At Pretty Lavish we design our collections with longevity and versatility in mind. We want our consumers to get the most out of their Pretty Lavish pieces by taking care of them but also by learning how to style them for different occasions maximizing their use. Educating customers on how to style Pretty Lavish pieces is becoming a big focus on our socials. Click here to see how we style our pieces on our social media channels.

We also:
1. Hold regular sample sales at our office to improve circularity.
2. We’ve now partnered with the Salvation Army to encourage charitable giving and donation of unused clothing from our consumer's wardrobe.
Click here to read more about this on our ‘Our People’ page.

Additionally, to shop our depop where we put up items that are at our sample sales please click here.

All of these help to increase the circularity of Pretty Lavish products!!

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