Pretty Lavish Mindset | Our top tips to avoid festive burnout this season

We all know that this time of year is hectic. Christmas parties, meeting up with all of your family and friends, secret Santa, eating out, shopping, money spending, alcohol and lack of sleep. It's easy to let it all get on top of you and be at risk of the dreaded festive burnout. Read on to get the Pretty Lavish tips to keep feeling your best. 
1. Plan ahead
If you know that your diary is looking super full in the next few weeks then it's best to start planning ahead. Get your Christmas shopping out of the way as early as possible. Even better, write out a considered list of suitable gifts for each person you need to buy for. This way you will avoid aimless hours of scrolling or dragging yourself around heaving shops in the hope of finding something vaguely suitable. Be prepared and have your wrapping paper and gift tags ready too. 
2. Avoid the pressure 
When there are loads of social events on your calendar it's not unusual to feel the need to make sure you're wearing something new to each one. This can cause uneccessary clothes being purchased (not to mention the waste) and spending more money at an already expensive time of year. Be outfit savvy and only purchase pieces that you know you can wear throughout the year to other events, or ones that you can re-style day to night. If you're unsure how to style party pieces in a casual style then check out our Instagram stories where we are conscious to give our customers multiple ways to style Pretty Lavish pieces and make the most of the versatility of our pieces! 
3. Save some money 
Sounds a bit of a silly tip for this time of year right? Well it doesn't have to be. There are ways to keep spending down over Christmas. Swap party outfits with your friends, ask a group of friends if you can do secret Santa this year (with a realistic budget), group together with family members to contribute to a special, well thought out gift for a smaller spend each, Allocate each family member a food item to bring on Christmas Day (shot gun the celebrations box), drink less alcohol (give it a go!) and know you have the option to say no- you don't have to attend EVERY social event this season. 
4. Routine is still important 
Just because you've got that much needed time off doesn't mean that your routine has to go out of the window. Routine really helps us to stay on track, especially during busy times. If you usually go to the gym after work, try to stick to it even on your days off. Exercise will keep those endorphins pumping, and any party doesn't get good until later any way right? Over indulgence is part of this time of year, lets face it, food is everywhere. Advent calendars, cheese boards, red wine and the excuse to snack at every opportunity. Well if you get the opportunity to eat a balanced meal- take it!
5. Self care is key
This time of year is about resting as much as it is celebrating. Take time out between all of the socialising and over indulgence to spend some real time resting. Read that book you've not had time to read, catch up on your fave tv series, listen to a funny podcast, do a face mask, meditate, take a nap or go for a long walk in the fresh air. Whatever helps you feel rested and rejuvenated is key to avoid that burnt out, frazzled feeling. 
6. Give back
It's easy to get carried away with how amazing Christmas is. Having a great Christmas is a privilege. Giving back at this time of year helps others who might be having a difficult time, but it also allows you to take time out, evaluate and be grateful for everything that you have. Got a load of new clothes? Why not clear out what you don't want any more and donate to a charity for people who could really benefit. Rather than sending out a load of Christmas cards- when lets face it, people literally read them, display them, then chuck them in the bin- try something different. Reduce the waste and let your friends and family know via social media that you'll not be sending Christmas cards this year, but instead you'll be donating an amount to a charity close to your heart.
 Christmas should be an amazing time to rest, recharge and celebrate with the ones you love! Have fun, enjoy yourself and follow our  Pretty Lavish mindset tips to feel your best! 
Thanks for reading, 
Pretty Lavish 

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