Pretty Lavish | BTS: of our sequin, satin and knitwear street shoot

Our latest street style shoot featured plenty of satin and sequins. Sequins are a key trend for AW19, perfect for a night out with the girls or your upcoming Christmas party. As well as being the perfect cocktail outfit go to, sequins have been increasingly featured styled down for a versatile day time look. Hence why we've been mixing the Pretty Lavish sequin pieces with our new chunky winter knits. 
We had three models for the shoot. Mia, Carla and Alex. Before street shoots it's great to put together a mood board to gather ideas of the kind of looks were going for. This helps the models and us on shoot day to get the perfect shots.

Here are some of our inspired looks that were on our mood board for the shoot:

Jovi sequin trousers and Lina roll neck

ambre sequin blouse

lina roll neck jumper

Raleigh silver sequin

ambre sequin and Jovi sequin

Oakley blazer

fifi sequin dress

emerald sequin dress

Things you might not know happen on a street style shoot (and most definitely happened to us on this one) 

1. There are MULTIPLE things happening at once: outfit changes, photos, videos, boomerangs, hair fixing, picture checking, re-locating, taking cover from the rain, outfit changing again, etc etc. 

2. The British weather doesn't always play nice: As mentioned above taking cover from the rain is something that occurs on a street style shoot. If it's really bad then it means moving location!


3. It takes time to get that "perfect shot". What you think is the best pose or backdrop may not translate as you'd predicted, once you start shooting. Videos often need multiple takes too, especially those tricky walking down the stairs ones!

4. The general public getting involved: It's not uncommon for a street shoot to literally be in the street. You have to be conscious of getting in people's way and blocking stairs, pavements etc. So don't be surprised if you have the odd photo-bomber!

sequin dresses

5. It's really not as glamorous as it looks: Getting that photo often means standing in the cold, walking for a long time in heels, and changing from a suitcase on the pavement.

Despite these things, doing a street shoot is so much fun! It's full of laughs and it's great to work with so many beautiful models to show off Pretty Lavish clothing! We love the relationships we build and the amazing content we get through the team effort. 
Thanks for reading, 

That's a wrap! 

The Pretty Lavish team 

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