Pretty Lavish | BTS: A look back at our top ten moments

Last week saw our Instagram reach 100k followers! We have been organically growing our business since 2013, so to reach this milestone is a massive achievement for us! As part of our 100k celebration we took a look back at our top ten moments for Pretty Lavish since we launched. 

1. Launching in 2013

"We made one sale on the day that we launched and it was to my boyfriend's mum!" - Sammy 

2.Taking the leap 

"Leaving our full time jobs and taking the leap to pursue Pretty Lavish full time, but it was a risk that paid off!" - Steph 

3. Employing staff 

"6 months later we were ready for some extra help. That was really exciting to be in the position to employ someone to come and work for us!" - Sammy

"At that point we were still working at home from our Mum's loft. We had two members of staff knocking on our front door every morning to come to work. I loved it though, it was such a nice working environment." - Steph

4. First sighting

"Another exciting moment was when we first saw someone out wearing one of our designs. I think we were out for brunch and someone walked past wearing Pretty Lavish and we couldn't believe it!" - Steph 

5. Shop opening 

"We then needed the extra room and we were ready to move to our own space. We decided on a shop and we opened on our Dad's birthday, which was a really special night" - Sammy

6. Our own designs

It was something we had wanted to do for a while and the day that we launched our own collection was so exciting! To see all of your own designs and creative ideas come to life was quite a surreal moment!" - Sammy 

7. Silk Fred

We had worked really closely with Silk Fred and we had the opportunity to design our own exclusive collection with them. It's really exciting to work with other brands  and to launch that with them was really fun!" - Steph 

8. Collaborating 

"Another really exciting moment for us was collaborating with bloggers to design their own collections with us. The whole process of getting their ideas and bringing them to life has been really fun." - Sammy 

"It's really nice to involve someone outside of Pretty Lavish on our design journey. We get to do it all of the time but for a lot of people it's a completely new process." - Steph


"This year one of our biggest moments was launching on ASOS. It was a massive milestone for us, It was always one of our goals!" - Steph

10. The Nomination 

"The most exciting thing for us so far is when recently we were nominated by Drapers for young fashion brand of the year award!" - Sammy 


Pretty Lavish our top ten moments


So there you have it, our top ten Pretty Lavish moments. Thank you to everyone that has followed and been a part of our journey so far! Stay with us, the best is yet to come! 



The Pretty Lavish team x

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